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Healing Touch + Reiki sessions with Aimée Derbes, LAc

Healing Touch (similar to Reiki) is a great treatment modality for facilitating the relaxation response and reducing anxiety, stress, fatigue, and pain. At my office in New York City / Manhattan (Flatiron / Union Square / Chelsea), I see patients who are dealing with chronic pain (back pain, neck and shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, and ankle pain), digestive issues (IBS, colitis), infertility, stress, insomnia, PMS, women's health, and autoimmune conditions (Lyme, Hashimoto's, thyroid conditions, and many more). Remote Healing Touch / reiki sessions are available!

I just wanted you to know my initial feelings after leaving today. I walked out feeling like “I must have left something” because I felt too light!...I felt no anxiety for the rest of the day...Overall, it was an amazing experience.
— A.
In Healing Touch, the practitioner always takes a moment to intentionally ground and center themselves in the present moment, and then attune to the energy of the client, before starting the session.

In Healing Touch, the practitioner always takes a moment to intentionally ground and center themselves in the present moment, and then attune to the energy of the client, before starting the session.

Healing Touch is a gentle, non-invasive energy therapy, similar to Reiki or Therapeutic Touch, which uses light touch to influence the biofield and human energy system, facilitating the body's relaxation and self-healing response. When in a state of relaxation, our bodies are able to self-heal, whether our current challenges are on the level of body/mind/spirit, or all three. As a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, I spent 3 years completing the entire Healing Touch Program course, which included an intensive year-long apprenticeship with a healer mentor. I work with people in person at my office in Flatiron, or remotely via Zoom or Skype; long-distance work is just as powerful and effective as in-person work, as I have confirmed myself, receiving many long-distance healing sessions over the years.

The extensive quantitative research shows that Healing Touch techniques can do the following:

  • Reduce anxiety, tension, and stress; fatigue; and pain

  • Reduce hospital length of stay

  • Improve immune function in cancer patients

  • Ease effects of trauma and PTSD

There are a number of other suggested benefits that have not yet been studied quite as extensively, including improving sleep quality; preventing illness; enhancing a sense of spiritual connection; and providing support during chronic illness, medical interventions, and the dying process. In my experience, Healing Touch is an especially supportive complement during significant life changes (moving, loss, change of job, change of family structure) or chronic illness, and for those struggling with the all-too-common New Yorker constellation of stress / anxiety / depression / insomnia. Healing Touch is also a great option for those who are highly sensitive, when even an acupuncture treatment is a bit too intrusive, and for women who are pregnant or postpartum and are minimizing the use of drugs, supplements, or medical interventions.

Thank you so much for your amazing energy work. I feel so differently (in an amazingly good way) I cannot thank you enough.
— S.

The Healing Touch techniques were synthesized and developed by a pioneering holistic nurse, and they are commonly used in hospitals and integrative healthcare institutions across the US and beyond. In addition, Healing Touch has a long and rigorous certification program, and is the first energy medicine to offer accredited certification through the NCCA; this provides value and accountability to the public by affirming that the program has achieved an objective standard of excellence.

You can read a bit more about why I am passionate about Healing Touch on my blog. If you'd like to work with me remotely, I'll share a bit more logistical info after you've scheduled your appointment.

Thank you so much for the session...I felt immediately calmer and more settled into my body after I left, and was able to sleep that night. It was very healing and grounding work.
— F.

I just wanted to say thanks again for the healing touch session on Monday. It was so relaxing and my back felt a lot better afterward.
— F.