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Dr. Aimée Derbes, LAC

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13 W 28th St, Suite 5R
New York, NY, 10001
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Breathwork for Receiving: Third in a 3-part series

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Breathwork for Receiving: Third in a 3-part series

  • Prospect Heights Brooklyn, NY, 11238 United States (map)

A 3-part series for slowing down, receiving, and expanding your network of fellow travelers and supporters.

Mondays: October 21, November 18 (sold out), and December 16

$33 per session — Register here

Private residence in Prospect Heights

In conjunction with the New Shul’s theme for the year — the year of the priestess — we are once again gathering at this cherished breathwork space, this time, to slow down and lean into replenishment and receiving. If it’s time for expanding how you connect to support, you’re in the right place. If it’s time to hustle less and allow more, this series is for you. If you’re waking up to how you over-give, and want to learn how to shift the exchange and receive a lot more, we can’t wait to meet you. If you’ve been exploring the deeper currents of your emotional life, or the thought of doing so scares the hell out of you, then, please, join us.

Whether this is your first time doing breathwork in this space, or you’ve been with us every time before, here, we welcome all participants exactly as you are. No one is too much, no one is not enough, you can have a lot to say or stay quiet and regardless we are happy just to sit in the circle with you. All of the emotions — the joys, the celebrations, the sadnesses, anxieties, numbnesses, griefs — are welcomed in this group, where instead of trying to heal from the level of our thinking minds, we will rely on the breath to do the letting go for us. And when we let go, we create new space to receive exactly what we need next.

Breathwork is an active meditation using a specific 2-part breathing pattern to connect to your body and vitality, open up space for stagnant old energy and emotions to flow freely, and expand your heart. Most (more like, all) of us are carrying around pain, fear, trauma, and outdated beliefs about ourselves and the world around us, which all live tucked away in our cells. Breathwork is a simple tool that supports us in finally shedding those heavy weights.

Please wear clothes that are comfortable for you to lie down in. Bring an eye pillow or cover, and layers, if you like.

**Thank you for understanding that cancellations + refunds are not available for event registrations.**