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Dr. Aimée Derbes, LAC

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Breathwork Group : Let go of anxiety

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Breathwork Group : Let go of anxiety

  • Align Acupuncture 119 8th St, Suite 205 Brooklyn, NY 11215 United States (map)

ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED -- Full address and building access instructions will be emailed to you before the event.

Breathwork is an active meditation using a specific 2-part breathing pattern to connect to your body, move stuck energy and emotions, and open your heart.

When most of us bump up against anxiety, we try to make the cascade of constriction, shallow breathing, sweating, palpitations, pain, and/or incessant spinning of self-berating stop as quickly as possible. We run in the other direction, and fast.

But what if there were a space within which to examine and move through our anxiety, a space where we really knew we were safe and didn't have to immediately run away? This breathwork group is exactly that -- a completely safe space in which to bring up intense emotions, and actually stay with them until we move on to thef r e e d o mands p a c i o u s n e s son the other side. Y'all, it might even be more fun than you could ever imagine!

At this breathwork group, we will use the strength and intention of our group to get curious about anxiety and maybe just let it go! 

Please wear clothes that are comfortable for you to lie down in, and bring an eye pillow or cover if you like.

$30, advance registration required thank you!