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Not a totally boring blog about acupuncture, breathwork, energy medicine, and self-healing

At my office in Manhattan (Flatiron / Union Square / Chelsea), I see patients who are dealing with chronic pain (back pain, neck and shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, and ankle pain), headaches + migraines, digestive issues (IBS, colitis), infertility, stress, insomnia, PMS, women's health, and autoimmune conditions (Lyme, Hashimoto's, thyroid conditions, and many more).

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The deal with ear seeds

Aimée Derbes

If you’ve checked in with my Instagram lately, you’ve probably heard me mention ear seeds more than a few times. Ear seeds win as my all time favorite noninvasive, low tech treatment modality to support people with a wide variety of health issues in between acupuncture sessions and as a standalone modality.

I receive a lot of questions about ear seeds (if you’re not even sure what they are yet, read on) and have been working all year on a comprehensive resource for you all — I wrote a whole book, actually. But today, I’d like to share what ear seeds are, where they come from, how they work, and which points you can start using today.

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