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Not a totally boring blog about acupuncture, breathwork, energy medicine, and self-healing

At my office in Manhattan (Flatiron / Union Square / Chelsea), I see patients who are dealing with chronic pain (back pain, neck and shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, and ankle pain), headaches + migraines, digestive issues (IBS, colitis), infertility, stress, insomnia, PMS, women's health, and autoimmune conditions (Lyme, Hashimoto's, thyroid conditions, and many more).

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Paying attention, even though that’s near impossible to do in a culture of ungroundedness

Aimée Derbes

Ever notice that, sometimes, people aren’t in a conversation with you, per se, but more with a script running in their head that’s loosely based on you? (Also: ever notice that it's not "people," but you running that automated script?)

Noticing, making space for discomfort, staying curious : in my experience, this is how we heal, whether from physical pain, emotional pain, relationship patterns, or anything. And the way in is through groundedess.

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5 simple ways to get grounded anytime, anywhere

Aimée Derbes

Do you live most of your life in your head?....Yeah, I know how that goes. I used to spend all of my waking hours thinking -- no, *obsessively* thinking, worrying, planning, and anxiously ruminating -- about literally every aspect of my life, work, relationships, and the world around me. I was living in complete ignorance of my body, ungrounded. 

Acupuncture, herbal medicine, and breathwork are all exceptional methods that help you move more fully into a grounded and even state. If you’ve noticed that you have anxiety, headaches, anger, or constant worrying/obsessing/over-thinking, these modalities can all help you rebalance your energy as you find your true center through a grounded physical body. In the meantime, here are 5 simple practices that you can use to bring your energy down, redirecting some of that stuck mental energy, finding your center, and recharging your body!

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