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Not a totally boring blog about acupuncture, breathwork, energy medicine, and self-healing

At my office in Manhattan (Flatiron / Union Square / Chelsea), I see patients who are dealing with chronic pain (back pain, neck and shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, and ankle pain), headaches + migraines, digestive issues (IBS, colitis), infertility, stress, insomnia, PMS, women's health, and autoimmune conditions (Lyme, Hashimoto's, thyroid conditions, and many more).

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Paying attention, even though that’s near impossible to do in a culture of ungroundedness

Aimée Derbes

Ever notice that, sometimes, people aren’t in a conversation with you, per se, but more with a script running in their head that’s loosely based on you? (Also: ever notice that it's not "people," but you running that automated script?)

Noticing, making space for discomfort, staying curious : in my experience, this is how we heal, whether from physical pain, emotional pain, relationship patterns, or anything. And the way in is through groundedess.

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How to navigate holiday eating situations....and love yourself and everyone else while doing it

Aimée Derbes

This time of year, oh my god -- it can feel impossible to feel relaxed and rooted in healthy food and lifestyle habits when constant holiday parties, “treats” hanging around the office, and potentially stressful family holiday trips and meals are all happening.

But there is really always a way to fully support yourself, no matter the environment, and it doesn’t have to involve contraction, bracing yourself, or over-controlling every aspect of your experience. Here’s what I’ve learned, friends!

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5 simple ways to get grounded anytime, anywhere

Aimée Derbes

Do you live most of your life in your head?....Yeah, I know how that goes. I used to spend all of my waking hours thinking -- no, *obsessively* thinking, worrying, planning, and anxiously ruminating -- about literally every aspect of my life, work, relationships, and the world around me. I was living in complete ignorance of my body, ungrounded. 

Acupuncture, herbal medicine, and breathwork are all exceptional methods that help you move more fully into a grounded and even state. If you’ve noticed that you have anxiety, headaches, anger, or constant worrying/obsessing/over-thinking, these modalities can all help you rebalance your energy as you find your true center through a grounded physical body. In the meantime, here are 5 simple practices that you can use to bring your energy down, redirecting some of that stuck mental energy, finding your center, and recharging your body!

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