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Dr. Aimée Derbes, LAC

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Healing Touch 5 + 10 Session Packages

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Register for events and breathwork groups. Pick up Healing Touch, Breathwork, and Cupping packages, or gift cards for in person sessions in Brooklyn (serving Gowanus, Park Slope), Manhattan (Flatiron), and remote using Zoom or Skype.

Healing Touch 5 + 10 Session Packages


Healing Touch 5 + 10 Session Packages

from 525.00

Packages are available for 5 and 10 sessions and can be done in person at either of my office locations, or remotely using Skype.

Individual sessions are 60 minutes and $120.

  • 5 session packages are $525 (save about $75)
  • 10 session packages are $997 (save about $200)
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